Being a part of LFTA’s community of contributing artists

Please add your weight to our cause…

This program has brought a lot of great benefit to visual artists where it has been operated for three years in the UK. We want it to be able to help artists in the USA as well – so we have started to develop the same service here.

To get this going we need you to register as a contributing artist so we can build some momentum to get our new US service off the ground.

We want artists who are serious about developing their commercial businesses around printed products. We can help in such cases. Here’s a flavor of what we mean to our UK artist members:

What our UK members say about us:

I just wanted to send you a wee email to thank you once again for asking me to join the site and for everything you do.
The incredibly high quality cards, the amazing prints and the fabulous beautiful calendars!
For brightening my cards for printing, for everything, all your incredibly hard work.
This year my sales of cards and prints have been amazing and every calendar I ordered I sold.
I just really wanted to let you know how very grateful I am and the difference it has made to me 😊
AL - Scotland

I've so enjoyed producing cards with you over the last year. You've made so much possible for me.
With grateful thanks,
PB - SouthWest England

(... just to say that [a shop] in Manchester just bought 188 of your cards …..)
That's great news! Thanks to you, Anne, Lynda and Ian for being so brilliant!
Thank you for all your hard work again this year.
CD - Wiltshire UK

A heartfelt thank you for the wonderful help and support you provide
which makes such a difference to us Artists. Thank you!
JV - Bristol England

Thank you for letting me be a part of Love from the artist. It has made a big difference to me.
I am sending flyers to shops to hopefully encourage them to buy my work via Love from the artist.
Thank you again

What we intend to provide - (based on what we do in Britain):

Sizes staed here are UK/EU sizes but USA equivalents are being created with our US print partner.

Greetings cards and card packs. We have initially focused on supplying greetings cards as a simple saleable item that our members can use to earn income from their skills. We allow our members to create cards in three styles: square, portrait rectangle and landscape rectangle, and we have recently extended our offering to include smaller square and rectangle versions at even lower cost.

We have had good success with card packs too – notably at Christmas – and we now offer a packs option for our artists to use on a year-round basis as well.

Other products are now being added to the portfolio our member artists can create and buy at cost. These are:

Art prints – we have developed an art print product (Sinterescent print) that can be created up to SRA3 size and run on a range of ISO9706 permanent grade acid-free papers with images graded at 6 or higher on the Blue-Wool scale for lightfastness. These prints are comparable to ‘Giclée’ prints but are available at around 10% of typical Giclée print prices.

Calendars – we have developed a calendar product which was run for the 2018 year with a small number of test-case artists to great effect, achieving very good sales results. We are now offering these calendars (currently a 210mm small square format and a 297mm x 210mm rectangular (A4) format) across our full member base.

LFTA members can design their own creations within these product types, can buy at very low prices and with very small minimum order quantities. We do this to make it possible for our members to make significant profit from selling these items on to their customers.

We provide these facilities free-of-charge to our members but we do expect our members to promote themselves and market their products energetically through their own activities like open studios events as well as through their web activity and social media presence.

Example LFTA Cards
Example LFTA Cards
Example LFTA Cards

LFTA Calendar Images (2019 Calendar)

Example LFTA Calendar
Example LFTA Calendar
Example LFTA Calendar
Example LFTA Calendar

LFTA Sinterescent Prints

SRA3 Sinterescent Print
SRA3 Sinterescent Print

SRA3 full size prints against an A4 sheet

SRA3 Sinterescent Print

SRA3 full size prints against a standard LFTA square card

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