Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs:

I want to get some cards (or something else) printed - how do I go about it?

Our facilities are soley for the use of our members/contributors. We do not offer any kind of printing service to non-members.

Membership of LFTA is by invitation and places on the programme are limited. You can apply to join via our registration page, or see the FAQ below about becoming a contributor member.

Note that registering a simple USER ACCOUNT will NOT give you access to any LFTA product facilities unless you have been invited to join and have an activation code.

Simple user accounts are for online shopping on this website.

I am an artist/illustrator/photographer - can I join and be a contributor to LFTA?

Sure, if you are NOT already registered on this site, then please register here (selecting the APPLY TO JOIN option) or go to and register with our core programme. We will get in touch with you and take things forward from there.

If you already have a simple user account on this website but now wish to join our programme please Contact Us

Note: We will want to know how you see the LFTA programme as enhancing your presence as a commercial artist when considering you for membership. We want to ensure that places are offered to those who will properly benefit from our help and support.

What is the benefit of registering with you (as an online shopper)?

Registering a simple USER ACCOUNT when shopping on this site mainly gives you a quicker process through to checkout because you can access your stored addresses. Similarly, you can access past orders from your order history page. Registering also allows you to add images into a personal library that will be available to you when you personalise cards.

I registered with you but no one contacted me - why?

If you registered as a shop or applied to join then we ALWAYS respond so check your spam/junk folder in case our email has gone there. We never take more than a few days to respond to shop or new member requests.

It is very often the case that people register a simple USER ACCOUNT and think they have somehow joined the programme. This is not so - artists on this programme are invited to join once we have assessed that they qualify to be a member. If you registered a simple user account then we won't have any reason to get in touch with you about membership. We will assume you are simply an online shopper.

If this is you, then you can always Contact Us

I registered with you but I don’t know if I have registered correctly. How can I find out what type of account I have?

Log in, then on the account menu (‘Hello [your name]” or “Your Account”) there is an option called “Your Account Type” that should tell you the answer.

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